Paroles Groovy Underwear de Pansy Division

Pansy Division
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  • Artiste: Pansy Division30048
  • Chanson: Groovy Underwear
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Textes et Paroles de Groovy Underwear

Tight briefs on your sexy butt
White fabric surrounding your nuts
Bike shorts put it on display
You're wearing it to the left today
Sweat pants clinging to your crevice
Boxer shorts for easy access
I'm digging your
Groovy underwear, groovy underwear, ooh, ooh
Groovy underwear, groovy underwear, ooh, ooh
It's so groovy
Jockstrap showing off your cheeks
Movin' in for a closer peek
Running shorts, thin as paper
Barely dressed, nearly naked
Pulled down around your ankles
I'll make you spill out like an oil tanker
All because of your groovy underwear
Stretched tight, so hot
I've come, i've shot
My turn now to get you off
What a collection of skivvies i've got
Skimpy little G-string
Hardly a stitch covering that thing
Tucked into that little pouch
Straining hard to get out
Barely hold you once you get throbbing
Let my hands go fishing around in
Look what i found in your groovy underwear
You sure know how to please
Let me give those buns a squeeze
What fine cakes, what fine batter
Any second now i'm gonna splatter
All over your groovy underwear

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