Paroles Stronger Than You de Paola & Chiara

Paola & Chiara
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  • Artiste: Paola & Chiara4254
  • Chanson: Stronger Than You
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Textes et Paroles de Stronger Than You

I guess that everything has to change
but you know that's not really news
you need to go on and push trough your own way
I'm not making you choose
You're not the man that you used to be
now I see your fear
pretending everything's under control
and now you can't seem to hear
I won't cry, I can't feel that way no more
there's no more waiting
goodbye I can't see your way no more
I'm here
with so much I wanna do
Now I'm so much more stronger than you
so much more stronger than you
so much more stronger than you
so much more stronger than you
I know that I wasn't part of your world
but i just didn't care
there was so much I wanted to tell you
I was always too scared
I couldn't see anybody but you
I'm just letting you know
I thought that we could somehow talk it through
but I still had to go
I won't cry I can't feel that way no more
Cry that's all I was good for
Goodbye I'm ready to close the door
I'm here
with so much I wanna do
and I'm so much more stronger than you
everyday I find a little piece of me
now, time to show it
I know what will be will be

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