Paroles Carry Me de Papa Roach

Papa Roach
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  • Chanson: Carry Me
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Textes et Paroles de Carry Me

I've been looking for something sacred
running away from the light.
Gotta burn all the bridges in my head
that lead me away from my life.
I question my own existence,
question the meaning of life.

Why don't you carry me?
Why don't you carry me?
I can't move on
I can't live on
Carry me
Why don't you carry me?
I can't save me
I am crazy

Now you...

It takes horns to hold up my halo
and strength to get through the fight
Now I'm laying my cards on the table
praying everything will be alright
I question my own existence
question the meaning of life.


Now you...

The hardest ones to love
are the ones that need it most [x4]


The hardest ones to love
are the ones that need it most [x4]

Carry me [x4]

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