Paroles Getting Away With Murder de Papa Roach

Papa Roach
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  • Artiste: Papa Roach2682
  • Chanson: Getting Away With Murder
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Textes et Paroles de Getting Away With Murder

Somewhere beyond happiness and sadness
I need to calculate
what creates my own madness
and I'm addicted to your punishment
and you're the master
and I am waiting for disaster

I feel irrational
So confrontational
To tell the truth I am
getting away with murder
it isn't possible
to ever tell the truth
but the reality is I'm getting away with murder
(Getting away, Getting away, Getting away)

I drink my drink and I don't even want to
I think my thoughts when I don't even need to
I never look back cause I don't even want to
and I don't need to
because I'm getting away with murder


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