Paroles Exotic Arcade de pastels

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  • Artiste: pastels30171
  • Chanson: Exotic Arcade
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Textes et Paroles de Exotic Arcade

Penny parade, exotic Arcade
Swimming pool mansion
A family disgrace

Jack pot queen, slot machine
I don't want on
But I do want on

What have you got?
Tell me you're feeling so hot
'Cause I bet you anything you've got
That you will lose it
And I will lose it

Swimstar queen,
I am outside your scene
And I don't want in
But I do want in

What can I win?
Show me how to swim for the prize
When the prize is in your eyes

Everything I am is covered in you
You're my eyes for seeing through
Every mirror reverses through
Everything I see is you

I'm fake king, I'm faking
I am king to the queen of the pool
There's no rules, king of the fools
King of the worst, king of the cursed
King of the frown, upside down crown
King until sundown

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