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Pat Benatar
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  • Artiste: Pat Benatar10052
  • Chanson: Brave
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Textes et Paroles de Brave

I remember the night
When destiny finally found us
I remember holding on
When the stars were crashin' all around us
We thought that the world was ending
But you know it wasn't true
'Cause I still love you
I still love you


I'll be brave for you
And every day I pray for you
We can be strong in each other's arms
And I'll be brave, I'll be brave for you

I know that you're afraid
You know that I'm afraid, too
But you gotta have faith; you gotta listen
To what your heart is telling you
You know love's a funny thing
You just gotta let it be
Like you and me; you and me


Just look at the sky above us
Let the sun shine down on us
Stand with me here together
In the light of love now
And forever

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