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  • Chanson: Tell Me
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Textes et Paroles de Tell Me

Why do I have these thoughts go through my head
Do they come out of the air
Suspicion always washes over me like a disease
I cannot share I can't ignore the way you treated me sometimes
So go ahead and convince me otherwise


Tell me it's okay, that everything's fine
Show me that it's possible not to cry, swear that you'll
Never leave and you'd rather die than hurt me
Just tell me that everything's gonna be fine

Give me a reason why I should stay
One I won't regret in the end
This time say something I can believe
Something you haven't used yet
I can't ignore the way you treated me sometime
So go ahead and convince me otherwise


So many empty words were spoken here today
So many promises I'd like to dream away
Like verses whispered in some ancient ritual
That accusations fly, but we are no closer to the truth


[Chorus 2x]

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