Paroles Movement Iii - Crypt de Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney
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  • Artiste: Paul McCartney2979
  • Chanson: Movement Iii - Crypt
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Textes et Paroles de Movement Iii - Crypt

And so it was that I had grown
Into a youth uncertain, thrown
Amongst the lions and the lambs.
To pass the time we watched the children dance.

I used to come here when this place was a crypt.
Now the music plays.
Oh don't you sometimes wish they'd stick to the script
As the local preacher says.

Rain from heaven will blessings bring,
Behold the harvest grown. R
Ian from heaven falls down on you,
But me, I feel alone.

PREACHER (sympathetically)


If they won't come to worship
God in a church
Something must be done.
We have to instigate a nationwide search
For a way to make it fun.
Rain from heaven will blessings bring,
Behold the harvest grown.

Rain from heaven falls down on you,

But me, I feel alone.

Here now,
What am I doing here now?
Hear me,
Why do you never hear me?
Why do you never hear me?

MARY DEE (as half-ghost)
I'll always be here.
I'll never leave you.
I'll always be in your mind.
Dreams of the future,
Ghosts of the past left behind.


Thought I had a vision
Lying in a graveyard,
Thought I heard a melody inside.
Could it be the future,
Speaking with the voice of those who died?

Thought I saw a kingdom,
Happiness and laughter,
Somewhere for an innocent to play.
Is there any justice?
Do these things still happen in this way?

Don't tell him no,
It isn't fair.
For he was told by those who know
There was love everywhere.

Love everywhere.

Now's the time to tell him,
While his mother's crying.
Break it to him gently as she weeps.
Let him know his father
Will be well looked after, where he sleeps.

CHORUS (ghosts)
He's sleeping amongst us.
He's in our dreams.
Don't worry. he's with us now.

Don't say it's so,
It isn't fair.
For I was told by those who know
There was love everywhere.


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