Paroles That Day Is Done de Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney
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  • Artiste: Paul McCartney2979
  • Chanson: That Day Is Done
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Textes et Paroles de That Day Is Done

I Feel Such Sorrow,
I Feel Such Shame.
I Know I Won't Arrive On Time
Before Whatever Out There Is Gone.
What Can I Do, That Day Is Done.
It's Just A Promise, That I Made
I Said I'd Walk In Her Parade.
Hot Scalding Tears I Thought Would Flow.
Still In My Heart They'll Never Show.
That Day Is Done, That Day Is Done,
You Know Where I've Gone
I Won't Be Coming Back
That Day Is Done.
Well I Recall, The Time And Place
When They Announced Her Precious Face.
I Thought At Once My Heart Would Burst,
Still, Every Time Is Like The First.
There Was Applause When She Stepped Up.
I Wished That I Could Interrupt
I Made No Sign, I Made No Sound
I Know I Must Stay Underground.
That Day Is Done, That Day Is Done.
You Know Where I've Gone
I Won't Be Coming Back,
That Day Is Done.
That's Why She Walks, Or So They Say.
She Always Knew Just What I Needed
Now If She Would, Just Look My Way
One Time Before They Proceed.
She Sprinkles Flowers In The Dirt
That's When A Thrill Becomes A Hurt,
I Know I'll Never See Her Face.
She Walks Away From My Resting Place.
That Day Is Done, That Day Is Done.
You Know Where I've Gone
I Won't Be Coming Back,
That Day Is Done.

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