Paroles Beautiful de Paul Simon

Paul Simon
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  • Artiste: Paul Simon3030
  • Chanson: Beautiful
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Textes et Paroles de Beautiful

Snowman sittin' in the sun doesn't have time to waste
He had a little bit too much fun
Now his head's erased
Back in the house, family of three
Two doin' the laundry and one in the nursery

We brought a brand new baby back from Bangladesh
Thought we'd name her Emily
She's beautiful. Beautiful

Yes, sir, head's erased, brain's a bowl of jelly
Hasn't hurt his sense of taste
Judging from his belly
But back in the house, family of four now
Two doin' the laundry and two on he kitchen floor

We brought a brand new baby back from mainland China
Sailed across the China Sea
She's beautiful. Beautiful

Go-kart sittin' in the shade
You don't need a ticket to ride
It's summertime, summertime
Slip down a water slide
Little kid dancin' in the grass
Legs like rubber band
It's summertime, summertime
There's a line at the candy stand
Keep an eye on them children
Eye on them children in the pool
You better keep an eye on them children
Eye on them children in the pool

We brought a brand new baby back from Kosovo
That was nearly seven years ago
He cried all night, could not sleep
His eyes were bright, dark and deep


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