Paroles Darling Lorraine de Paul Simon

Paul Simon
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  • Artiste: Paul Simon3030
  • Chanson: Darling Lorraine
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Textes et Paroles de Darling Lorraine

The first time I saw her
I couldn't be sure
But the sin of impatience
Said, "she's just what you're looking for"

So I walked right up to her
And with the part or me that talks
I introduced myself as Frank
From New York New York

She's so hot
She's so cool
I'm not
I'm just a fool in love with darling Lorraine

All my life I've been a wanderer
Not really, I mostly lived near my parents' home
Anyway Lorraine and I got married
And the usual marriage stuff
Then one day she says to me

From out of the blue
Frank, I've had enough
Romance is a heartbreaker
I'm not meant to be a homemaker
And I'm tired of being darling Lorraine

What - you don't love me anymore?
What - you're walking out the door?
What - you don't like the way I chew?
Hey let me tell you

You're not the woman that I wed
You say you're depressed but you're not
You just like to stay in bed
I don't need you darling Lorraine

Darling Lorraine
I long for your love

Financially speaking
I guess I'm a washout
Everybody's buy and sell
And sell and buy and
And that's what the whole thing's all about
If it had not been for Lorraine
I'd have left here long ago
I should have been a musician
I love the piano
She's so light
She's so free
I'm tight, well, that's me
But I feel so good
With darling Lorraine

On Christmas morning frank awakes
To find Lorraine has made a stack of pancakes
They watch the television, husband and wife
All afternoon "it's a wonderful life

What - you don't love me anymore?
What - you're walking out the door?
What - you don't like the way I chew?
Hey let me tell you
You're not the woman that I wed
Gimme my robe I'm going back to bed
I'm sick to death of you Lorraine

Darling Lorraine
Her hands like wood
The doctor was smiling
But the news wasn't good
Darling Lorraine
Please don't leave me yet
I know you're in pain
Pain you can't forget
Your breathing is like an echo of our love
Maybe I'll go down to the corner store
And buy us something sweet
Here's an extra blanket honey
To wrap around your feet

All the trees were washed with April rain
And the moon in the meadow
Took darling Lorraine

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