Paroles Garden Fool de Pedestrian

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  • Artiste: Pedestrian30344
  • Chanson: Garden Fool
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Textes et Paroles de Garden Fool

How'd I get exposed, don't nobody know, why did everybody go homeYou made this up on the spot, I've got more sense than you, at least I 'm gonna see this through,now you're getting to me how deep can this getgive my love to the best,they're slightly more considerate, unlike your balding ignoranceoh, we've mucked it up again, it's a shame to see this end, I would have liked to have called you friend I gave this more than I had, I am numbed by your apology, yeah, it's still the same to meNow I 'm getting to youHow deep can this beOh, we've mucked it up again, it's a shame to see this end, I would have liked to have called you friendSo we see it differently, doesn't matter much to meI would have even called you friendi've got to go, say my goodbye, I'll start right now with a goodnight, I would have liked to have call you friend

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