Paroles Room with a View de Pedestrian

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  • Artiste: Pedestrian30344
  • Chanson: Room with a View
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Textes et Paroles de Room with a View

Cold drapes of doubt and dark shades of hope, This memory's left at the door We now prepare ourselves, this moment inadequate, Eager eyes of expression emote Now we're beginning, all possibility, aligns itself, The stage not yet set Are you with me, can you kiss me and Fall as I knew you would You give into this, surrender your kiss and place it upon me You accept me at will, your body so still, except for your heartbeat And I building this one So I am breaking it Points of passage and rooms with a pretty view, All which return to themselves With sudden bursts of familiar astonishment, Anxious momentum arrives It happens to be; you've given to me, more than I came for You wanted to be, part of this scene, so fly with your hands full So I'll leave this behind, all kindness in time, I still have a mouthful And I `m feeling this one cause I'm fearing it and I `m breathing this one cause I am living it and I'm building this one so I'll break this one There's a ghost, there's a ghost, hiding inside us Don't let them doubt us, don't let them catch us, we're okay There's a ghost, there's a ghost hiding inside us Don't let them catch us, don't let them stop us, we're okay We're okay

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