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  • Artiste: Penfold12684
  • Chanson: M
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Textes et Paroles de M

I've been thinking all day, sitting by this window,
remembering how the smile on your face could make me blush
And I can't comprehend how someone with your eyes
could ever dissapear and break your heart.
Fall, keep your eyes on something small.
Hold your head up high.
Angel, spread your wings and fly.
Fall, even if you can't let go.
If everything was perfect in my eyes - in my mind.
Too young to understand but old enough to know so many people love you
and hold you in their hearts and won't stop.
Remember tonight, it just might last you the rest of your life.
And all those time I said I love you, those weren't lies.
This will hurt you but in time, you will understand that I
would never want to be in his shoes but I would do anything to take his place

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