Paroles The Day You Went Away de Persephone

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  • Artiste: Persephone30456
  • Chanson: The Day You Went Away
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Textes et Paroles de The Day You Went Away

The birds hid in the trees
There wasn't the smallest breeze
While the woods froze in nameless grieve
Unable to believe that this would be the day...

No more waves came rolling in
No more leaves would toss and spin
The rivers would dry out but swell
Knowing all too well that this would be the day...

The sunlight held no relief
The moon sneaked in like a thief
And stole my peace of mind
And left my heart blind on this cursed day
The day you went away

They said you're somewhere save
My eyes see only a grave
It all seemed so untrue
This pain that I went through since that day
The day you went away

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