Paroles Day Of Silence de Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend
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  • Artiste: Pete Townshend8634
  • Chanson: Day Of Silence
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Textes et Paroles de Day Of Silence

(Pete Townshend)

When you're feeling low
Try a day of silence
Take things very slow
Listen to the wireless
Never speak a sound
Sit up on the hedgerow
Watch the world go round
Peace will let your mind go

When you've had a row
Sit alone say nothing
It's really funny how
You quickly see that something
Wonderful and warm
Lies between each second
In every side and out
Eternity will beckon

You and me
We are part of a single soul
And one day we will know we're one
Sit and listen the word will come
There is nothing beneath the sun
That we can't realize
And one peaceful night
Will remind us that it's alright
And we'll figure we owe it all
To one life of silence

Whispers will emerge
Proud against the thunder
The wind hiss precious words
Erase our problems rumble
Watch a speckled fawn
Hear it crash like seaspray
Someone sees it all
We will meet him someday

When you're feeling low
Try a day of silence
Take things very slow
Maybe listen to the wireless

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