Paroles Night School de Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend
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  • Artiste: Pete Townshend8634
  • Chanson: Night School
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Textes et Paroles de Night School

The night school comes to life
Every minute it gets better
Got to learn to enjoy the night
Follow every letter
Assess cleaned up the past is all forgiven
Better get teamed up, alone you just can't live it
Check out your bus stop, look good and you feel right
Don't get messed up, standup to your fool
Fight at the night school
Nocturnal education
If they get beaten down, no one will give a damn
Forget the elite in town, you know where life began
And when you criticize, believe in yourself again
Hide from the hypnotized, they transferred surely into night school.
Nocturnal education

I am the one that's crying
The journal has thrown away the key
To your daily grind
They take to the moon
(M N)
I'm teaching down at night school

Open the moment, don't count on tomorrow
Put up postponement, face up to your sorrow
Quick get it over, get back to the dance floor
Release your phobia that's what we were meant for,
At the night school
Stay in society, keep pain the raps
Terms of sobriety, in the tender traps
You heard of the raging moon, you where under it's spell
Now vanish like a burst balloon, and listening now for the bell

Night school
Nocturnal education
Night school
Nocturnal education

We are the one tonight
Excepting only the dead
You ain't been listening to a word I said!

At the night school..... yeah
Teaching down at night school
Ooo yeah
I'm teaching down at night school
Taking classes at the night school
Teaching down at night school
Keeping the night
Keeping the night
Night school
Oooh yeah.

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