Paroles In The Meantime de Peter Mayer

Peter Mayer
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  • Artiste: Peter Mayer30533
  • Chanson: In The Meantime
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Textes et Paroles de In The Meantime

Hush little baby
Don't you cry
I'm never going away-a
A mightly fine woman someday you'll be
Wedding bells are gonna chime
You'll shed a few tears over the years
The lamb and lion are gonna play-a
Till tomorrow when the new moon shines
I'm gonna love you in the meantime

Under banyan tree you been waitin' on he
Says he's gonna take you away-a
It's 11 o'clock and the party don't stop
Soon midnight's a gonna chime
Well I can't claim a casanova's name
No I don't own a holy day oh
But I can sing a song and make you cry
Shall we dance in the meantime

So you found your boy
Grease monkey joy
Workin' on his wheels all day-o
He's gonna take you round the world when he put down the top
Oh his Chevy do shine
But there was no gold in the goldengate
There was no silver in the lining
I'm so alone, baby take me home
Tell me you love me in the meantime

One fine morning with no warning you will cry
Round the world your heart goes searching
While I'm right by your side, by your side
Never let you down down down

Gonna love you in the meantime, meantime darling
Dancing in the meantime, meantime honey
Springtime summertime
Winter or fall yeah
Any time at all
Dancin' in the meantime

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