Paroles Like a Mountain de Peter Mayer

Peter Mayer
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  • Artiste: Peter Mayer30533
  • Chanson: Like a Mountain
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Textes et Paroles de Like a Mountain

Driving near Mount ShavanoIt seemed to be looking me overFeeling that gaze down belowI pulled the car off on the shoulderStaring at the rock and the skyMy heart began beating more slowlyTill I lost track of timeAnd forgot where it was I was goingCHORUS: Suddenly, I saw life from the brinkI watched an age pass me by like a winkFor just one heartbeat, I believe I could thinkLike a mountainMountain, we measure our livesBy tens and by twenty years onlyTeach us the ways of a million-year mindWhat a million-year heart could be hopingCHORUS:And oh, if I'm wise I will strive and I'll prayTo turn that one tick in time into a dayAnd lead this poor picture-flash life in that wayLike a mountain

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