Paroles Marty and Lou de Peter Mulvey

Peter Mulvey
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  • Artiste: Peter Mulvey30535
  • Chanson: Marty and Lou
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Textes et Paroles de Marty and Lou

Marty said, "Lou, I was watching the news,
and someone has stolen The Scream."
Lou shook his head, smiled sadly and said,
"Marty, I know what you mean."

"These days, these days I tell ya,
These days it's all about the monkeys."

Marty said, "Lou, you have me confused.
I'm not sure I know what's on your mind."
And Lou said, "Taken altogether, it's hard to know
Whether to laugh or to shit or go blind"

"Because these days, these days I tell ya,
These days it's all about the monkeys."

And so Marty and Lou stood on the avenue
And stared as the leaves skittered by
A thousand voices were still
Somewhere a sparrow fell
The eternal moon rose in the sky

These days, these days I tell ya,
These days it's all about the monkeys

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