Paroles Sunrise de Pharaoh

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  • Artiste: Pharaoh35775
  • Chanson: Sunrise
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Textes et Paroles de Sunrise

Sunrise, why can't you sympathize?
You disrespect the darkness
You creep your way into the morning sky
You desecrate the stars

Sunrise, how you offend the eyes
Befoul the breath of morning
And by your force I'm drawn into the light
Beneath the blinding eternal flame
My shadow's dreadful bane
Spare me, sunrise
Go back from whence you came

Moonlight, the music of the night
A symphony of silence
And for a moment all the world is right
forsaken by the

Sunrise, come another day
The world looks best a deeper shade of grey
Sunrise, go the other way
I can live without you, love will light the way

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