Paroles Deadline de Phil Keaggy

Phil Keaggy
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  • Chanson: Deadline
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Textes et Paroles de Deadline

You start work on Monday, putting in a hard day,
Forget your lunch, you're on the run.
You've got time for coffee,
Cause your schedule's awfully
Crazy and you've just begun.
Deadline, got to make that deadline, deadline.

Back to work on Tuesday, can't afford to lose
A minute of your precious time.
Deadline, got to make that deadline, deadline.

It's already Wednesday, you can't even spend
A moment with your tired life.
You got time for business,
But you look suspicious
To your kids and your own wife.
Deadline, got to make that deadline, deadline.

Can't believe it's Thursday,
Got to be your worst day,
You've got too much on your mind.
That deadline, will you make your deadline, deadline.

I see you pay your dues, you say you hate to lose
Your job and yet you choose to go under.
The boss is crackin down, the walls are spinnin round,
Get on your feet before he starts to wonder.

Friday you're depleted, finally completed
All the work you were assigned.
Deadline, so you made your deadline.

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