Paroles Walls Of The Cave de Phish

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  • Artiste: Phish5568
  • Chanson: Walls Of The Cave
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Textes et Paroles de Walls Of The Cave

I'm leaving you a message, I'm leaving you a trace
I'm leaving thoughts for you I hope that time will not erase
And when the moment comes to read the words that I engrave
You'll find them on the walls of the cave

I know you heard the question but you didn't make a sound
And when it fell you caught my heart before it hit the ground
But if you ever need the names of those you couldn't save
You'll find them on the walls of the cave

Look at me
The time stands still
The mountain here is now a hill
Look away
The time goes past
These rocks will fall away at last

Maybe you will see it as you're passing by alone
Below the moss forgotten where some words adorn a stone
It might have been an etching on a marker of a grave
Or maybe on the walls of the cave

Listen to
The silent trees
But still your words float on the breeze
Look away
I see them all
Carved into the cavern wall

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