Paroles Fat Sack de Pietasters

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  • Artiste: Pietasters30733
  • Chanson: Fat Sack
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Textes et Paroles de Fat Sack

Look at them, way out there, it's a hot new thing, it's from thin air Talkin' 'bout, how it is, shut your mouth you stupid kids It's hard to tell how much you've seen Bet you missed the point again Thanks a lot you've had your say Time to move to another day

(chorus: Another day another time Spend your weekend home there wasting time A certain win no sympathy for you)

Blood is thick and water's too But the families whatchin' over you With a man in love, tell that shit Well step right up and take some licks Burbon jungle's what you get Sorry my brother broke your chin Steady yourself you're out of time Drinks gonna come and you're gonna find


(verse by DJ Selah)

In my head you do not see 10 brass knuckles gonna bust your teeth See my sack, oh so fat A million mother fuckers gonna get my back


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