Paroles Nothing Good To Eat de Pietasters

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  • Artiste: Pietasters30733
  • Chanson: Nothing Good To Eat
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Textes et Paroles de Nothing Good To Eat

Beauty springs from the cracks in the sidewalks here in springtime. And it helps to distract All my hands my feet and my mind. From the government and money spent Watching me and squashing me From the fake on the street And nothing good to eat.

Hell's spawn dove it claws its way Up through my stomach lining And I'm sure it will remain When all the life has left my vain Sucking down this shelf-life Twinkie Soggy in the rain

I've been meaning to ask Something that's been here on my mind Do you give something back To the winter in the springtime

It reminds me of a joke I heard Says that you should never Want to be part of any club That would have you as a member

I walk outside to see the pain outside my window I step inside the door and wonder where did it go

Beauty springs on the tracks And the highways here in my mind And it helps to subtract All the hitchhikers and statelines All the two cents and incompetence Racing me, disgracing me From the fate on the street And nothing good to eat.

Nothing good to eat

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