Paroles That Bitch That I Hate de Poison Clan

Poison Clan
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  • Chanson: That Bitch That I Hate
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Textes et Paroles de That Bitch That I Hate

[DEB:] Hey baby, I'm outta here, I'm goin' to work.
[BITCH:] Bitch, you know you ain't goin' to no motherfuckin' work! You
prob'ly goin' 'round one of them long-cock slimy hoes'
motherfuckin' house!
[DEB:] Oh, you callin' me a liar, bitch? I'll fuck you up in here!
[BITCH:] Who you gon' fuck up? You gon' GET fucked up! I'm tired, every
time I motherfuckin' turn around, a bitch comin' to me talkin'
'bout, you fuckin' with them ...
[DEB:] Hey, hold up, hold up, check this out ...

[Verse 1: Debonaire]
When you first moved in, you ain't talked so slick
All you had to do was clean and take dick
Knowin' that Deb would bring home the bacon
Everything was cool, but now you break him
Sayin' how I don't take you out
Like when we first met, but think about
This motherfucker that bought you cribs
Comin' home to fast food instead of home-cooked ribs
I ain't complained, but you go on
Talkin' 'bout shit like your period's on
Sayin' how I spend too much time
Away from you with those friends of mine
A nigga will be a nigga
And a hoe will think that he's trying to egg her
So, bitch, you better get it straight
Before you become the bitch that I hate

JT, I ain't with that shit! How you gon' be a dog and don't
even know it 'round here, bullshittin' me like that? You got me
fucked up! I deserve better bullshit than that! I ain't with
all that fuck-shit, talkin' 'bout, "I don't do this, I don't do
that," man, you better come clean with that fuck-shit! You
know better than that!
[JT:] Hold up, hold up, let me straighten all this shit right here!

[Verse 2: JT Money]
Constantly naggin' 'bout the things I don't do
But while I'm out workin', where the fuck are you?
You lay around my house, you ain't doin' shit
Matter fact, you startin' to make me sick
Always bitchin', cryin', yellin', and tryin'
To tell me how I'm doin' you wrong but you're lyin'
So be quiet, stop singin' the blues
'Cause I know plenty hoes who wanna be in your shoes
So if I was you, baby, I'd just chill
'Cause if I don't work, who'll pay the bills?
You sure don't work, so say that crap
All you do is make love and can't do that
You better sit y'butt down and rest your nerves
Before you find your shit somewhere out on the curb
Think about it, and get your shit straight
Before you become the bitch that I hate

[BITCH:] Deb, yo' motherfuckin' ass think you slick, but I know you
and that ol' raggly-ass friend of yours, JT, be out there
fuckin' them - oh, maybe one-dollar, two-dollar-ass
motherfuckin' hoes, but I know one thing, you better not bring
nothin' home to me that penicillin can't motherfuckin' cure, bitch!
[DEB:] Shit, I know you better stop that bitchin' and get yo' ass in the
[BITCH:] Motherfucker, you try and get YOUR motherfuckin' ass
in the ...
[DEB:] Hold up, hold up, check it ...

[Verse 3: Debonaire]
Constantly sayin' "I think you' a jerk";
That I'm lyin' 'bout the hours I work
Sayin' there must be another only
Well, I'ma say, instead of bein' phony
Every motherfucker fools around
Definitely, and it may sound
Crazy, but most bitches say,
If they gettin' paid, then their shit's OK
You gettin' cash and taken care of
It's a fact that you should be aware of
And stop worryin' 'bout the next hoe
'Cause you on top, and she's way below
So you better had get it straight,
Before you become the bitch that I hate

[BITCH:] You silk-suit-wearin' motherfuckers! You don't even ask
me to come to your motherfuckin' shows! You must be out there
fuckin' them groupie-ass hoes! When y'ass come home, y'shit
don't even get all hard, motherfucker ...
[JT:] Hey, what the fuck you talkin' 'bout??
[BITCH:] ... motherfucker, don't even try to cut me off! You know
what the fuck up!
[JT:] GodDAMN, baby, just listen to this shit!
BITCH: You listen to that shit I just said!

[Verse 4: JT Money]
Now we've been through all this shit before
Once I say it this time, I won't say it no more
It's a part of my job to take long trips
But when I get back, I'm gettin' flip of the lip
You're never home, and hard to find
And still talkin' 'bout, I don't spend time
With you. Now tell me, who's duckin' who?
If you ask me, another nigga's fuckin' you
So say that crap, don't try to front
I gave you everything that you could possibly want
Without me, where would you be?
Takin' care of you sure ain't my responsibility
So hush your mouth, and kill that shit,
Or find somebody else to stay with
Now think about that, and get your shit straight
Before you become the bitch that I hate

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