Paroles I Am de Powderdust

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  • Artiste: Powderdust16564
  • Chanson: I Am
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Textes et Paroles de I Am

I found a new thing
I think its even better yeah
but i dont know
till it begins

marching through life like a soldier
shure what it was
they wont see me feeling lower
Im not lower

Best as I talk to myself
bout the mening of
just letting
it will come and

the breath will remind me
theres no one but myself in the way
and I can choose
which bill to pay
which way to go

No more lies
cause Im in my right mind

the way you start
decide just to stay home
your not apart
you saw the silence

Your master calls
he puts all of his strenght in you
and all the time
you are surrounded

Im testing the strenght
of just being oblivious
leave the character
secure the line

I bend down myself
to the point that Im open for
my modesty will make me taller
Im growing taller

No more lies...

The way you start...
your not apart

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