Paroles Tokyo Vigilante #1 de Powerman 5000

Powerman 5000
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  • Artiste: Powerman 50007345
  • Chanson: Tokyo Vigilante #1
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Textes et Paroles de Tokyo Vigilante #1

Tokyo Vigilante #1 Kills with his
Mind not with a gun
The rumor 'round town, that he
Was all washed up,
But then he showed up
And then he cleaned up

Sharper than a sword
He don't run
You can't fuck with the number one son
He said now everybody needs
A little vengeance
And when you want some,
You call me
Yeah, everybody needs a little
I'll kill any man for a fee


Now who amongst you is
Gonna stand up
Now who among you is gonna fall
Now who's got the brains to see
What's going on
And who amongst you is gonna

Well it's all for one
But they say it isn't so
Blood in the streets
Of downtown Tokyo
But the prayers of the weak get
Answered like a shot
quick, fast style
Yeah, check it out pressure drop


Eventually time it grinds
Down to a halt
The ultimate battle
The slug and the salt
The sun rises in the east
But sets in the west
Tokyo vigilante he never rests

Test of the body,
Test of the mind
The future's on time
And the future's unkind
Explain the thought process
Of the insane
not like the movies,
But it's just the same

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