Paroles M.F.C. de Pressure

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  • Artiste: Pressure40228
  • Chanson: M.F.C.
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Textes et Paroles de M.F.C.

Here we go again.
I'm gonna try to shake this curse.
A little louder now
And I'm making it worse.
For you to cope with my fucked up outlook
For you to see my point of view
Take a second and absorb what you've
Gotten yourself into
For me to change a fucking thing
For me to see how it affects you
I won't waste my precious time
Not this time, No not this time

It's happening again..
These old habits so hard to bend

It's happening again
These old habits so hard to bend

Taking revenge on myself
Alone again...alone again.
With only my thoughts to haunt me.
And with my closing eyes this is...
This is the end

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