Paroles When I Change My Life de Pretenders

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  • Artiste: Pretenders3725
  • Chanson: When I Change My Life
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Textes et Paroles de When I Change My Life

When I change my life
There'll be no more disgrace
The deeds of my past
Will be erased

And you'll forgive me
Then you will come back
Hold my hand and say "i still love you"
When I change my life

When I change my life
And all the scars have faded
I'll be someone you look up to
Not excused when your friends come around

And you'll want me always to be there
You'll be proud to say "i'm with her"
When I change my life

I want a place in the sun - i do
I want to be in love with someone
I want to forget every regret
And all those rotten things that i put you through

When I change my life
And the idiot me
Leaves this town forever
Leaves us to be
Together - for the rest of our lives
Happily forever and ever
When I change my life

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