Paroles The Romeo And Julia Song [or] Why'd You Come de Pretty Balanced

Pretty Balanced
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  • Chanson: The Romeo And Julia Song [or] Why'd You Come
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Textes et Paroles de The Romeo And Julia Song [or] Why'd You Come

i came down from the balcony
to meet my romeo
he was dressed in blue jeans
and he looked cold
standing in the snow
why'd you come
you look so pale
down below

why'd god make you a montague
i guess that's how it goes
why'd god make me love you
you know it too
just how much this blows
why'd you come
you look so pale
down below

why'd you kill my cousin
he would have killed you too
why's there so much bloodshed
all i want's the freedom
to love you
why'd you come
you look so beautiful
down below

i remember what we feel like
when we're one
i tell you to shut up
they might hear and that'll be the end
and we'll be done
they'll shoot you
shut up

kiss me for the last time
i won't wake up again
christ those drugs are trippy
you think you see us
standing in the snow
no more pain
we look so beautiful
down below

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