Paroles Lemon Crush de Prince

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  • Artiste: Prince2593
  • Chanson: Lemon Crush
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Textes et Paroles de Lemon Crush

Ready 4 the crush {repeat throughout song}

Ah, ah, every time U kiss me - lemon crush
Nay, I can't resist thee - lemon crush
Every time U do me - such a rush
Ooh, it goes right through me - lemon crush

All it takes, a little bitty
Of your, ooh - pretty, pretty
I'm the wildest in the city
Ooh - pretty, pretty one!
Come on, come on
I'm ready 4 the crush

(Ah yeah)
(Such a rush)

If I'm workin' at my jobba
I'm the victim, U're the robba
No matter how much I try 2 stoppa
I can't help thinkin' about cha
Lemon crush - I'm ready 4 the crush

(Such a rush)

Every time we, ooh baby, I get such a rush (Such a rush)
Lemon crush
(Lemon crush)

I'm running out of things 2 call your... (Lemon crush)
Don't wanna do without your...
Ain't no doubt about your... (Lemon crush)
Let's scream and shout your... {'Crush' repeated in BG}
I said, let's scream and shout your... (Lemon crush)

I'm ready
Ready 4 the crush (Lemon crush)
I'm ready
(Ready 4 the crush) (Lemon crush)
Girl, I like it, I like it
Baby I'm ready, ready, ready
Oh, every time U do me - do me baby!
(Lemon crush)

Ah, that's her
I'm in the crush
{'Crush' and 'Ready 4 the crush' repeated in BG}

Chorus {x2}

Ready 4 the crush

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