Paroles Reflection de Prince

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  • Artiste: Prince2593
  • Chanson: Reflection
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Textes et Paroles de Reflection

2 sevens together
Like time, indefinite
Trying 2 catch the glass
b4 it falls
Without a frown
Can U turn up the stereo?
Eye wanna play U this old song about love (is it about love?)
Can Eye do that?

Did we remember 2 water the plants today?
Eye 4got 2 look up at the moon because
Eye was 2 busy, said Eye was 2 busy
Eye was 2 busy
Looking at you babe

Still it's nice 2 know
That, uh when bodies wear out
We can get another
What does that 1 thing have 2 do with the other 1?
Eye don't know
Eye was just thinking about my mother

U know what
Turn the stereo back down
Ain't nothing worse than an old worn out love song
Tell me do you like my hair this way
Remember all the way back in the day
When we would compare who's afro was the roundest

Mirrored tiles above the bed
Fishing nets and posters all over the wall
Oh yes, sometimes
Sometimes Eye just wanna go sit out on the stool
And uh... play my guitar
Just watch all... all the cars go by...

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