Paroles At The Feet Of Hell de Priory Of Sion, The

Priory Of Sion, The
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  • Artiste: Priory Of Sion, The26876
  • Chanson: At The Feet Of Hell
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Textes et Paroles de At The Feet Of Hell

Judging by the light of the moon,
this day has brought bloodshed,
casted upon the world in disquise.
Drowning in its bliss and demise.

The wisdom of men,
has fallen at the feet of hell,
enslaven to the pact of ruin,
decieved by their own confidence.

Rest unsure that morality is the answer.
But i ensure you, entrust yourself to light.
For you will be exterminated.

Hand us the sycles, for this day we bathe in blood!

The wisdom of men has fallen at the feet of hell.

With no room left in hell, will the dead become aware?
Judging by the light of the moon, this day has brought bloodshed.

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