Paroles Next Train To China de Priory Of Sion, The

Priory Of Sion, The
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  • Artiste: Priory Of Sion, The26876
  • Chanson: Next Train To China
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Textes et Paroles de Next Train To China

give me your criteria,
and send me sailing (and operate me).
I am your servant,
you are my blood.
I make the wishes
wishing I could.

I'm not the last one standing,
but if i was...
I would reap til' my descending,
rest dead in my own blood.

This is my last request...
My obligation.

We will fight, in time we will prevail!
In the last night we'll rise higher than the sky!

My flesh, it's dead to me.. just skin and bone.
You're not far away (behind).

Rest dead in my own blood,
i await the day.

Dead bodies flood the land!

Rest dead in my own blood,
i await the day.

Your conscious body, it ends today.
Sub-conscious body it leads the way.

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