Paroles Pigs Will Pay de Propagandhi

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  • Artiste: Propagandhi7812
  • Chanson: Pigs Will Pay
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Textes et Paroles de Pigs Will Pay

thought, word and deed once sloganeered, a reaction undefined, the battle-hymn, the mantra of a once unfocused mind. but as logic tempered anger, still inspired but now informed, the 'pigs' we'd turned to caricature became far worse than we'd warned, morality enforcement based on the interests of a state, coerced into concordance and threatened into place, it's not just isolated incidents of cop- jocks kicking ass. it's a flicking war machine protecting the wealth of the employing class! and you pigs will pay in a big way. what a stupid ^ thing to say. you'll pay for the guns that you've used. the minorities you've abused, you'll pay for the blood that you've spilled and the innocent (or 'guilty', for that matter) people you've killed.

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