Paroles The Dumb Song de Psychostick

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  • Artiste: Psychostick31277
  • Chanson: The Dumb Song
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Textes et Paroles de The Dumb Song

It's daylight savings time, because you're dumb
That guy right there is dumb, because you're dumb
One time you went to McDonalds and got some frenchfries
and ketchup packets, and you sat down to eat them
but you couldn't get 'em open so you went to the store
to buy some scissors but didn't have enough money so
you started running to your friends house to borrow some
money so you could buy some scissors to open up your
ketchup packets and enjoy your frenchfries more fully
but then just before you got to his front door
a piano fell on your head...because you're dumb

(Didn't see that one coming)
Oh say can you see, everyone is dumb but me
I am never ever wrong, and that's all you'll ever be

(That was beautiful)
(You're still dumb)
You're dumb, the song, now die
You're dead, because, you're dumb
Oh wait, you're still, alive
You're still, no dumb, the less

(You roared 'cause you're dumb)

(You're dumb because you thought the heavy part was over)

You died while in the pit, because you're dumb
Your funeral is boring, 'cause your dumb
You're six feet underground, because you're dumb
Now you're all dead and stuff

You're dumb 'cause this sounds like Deftone song
You're dumb 'cause pandas are endangered
You're dumb 'cause everything is composed of matter
You're dumb because, smiley face
You're dumb because this recording studio is
just my closet in my appartment
(dumb dumb dumb)
And you're dumb because,
(dumb dumb dumb)
I'm out of dumb things to dumbie
(dumb dumb dumb dumb)

(Thanks to thomas for these lyrics)

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