Paroles Tuff Luv de Psychostick

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  • Artiste: Psychostick31277
  • Chanson: Tuff Luv
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Textes et Paroles de Tuff Luv

You look so good to me tonight.
I fell that, well,
You make me all emotional and...
Emotional like...yeah...
Let me just
Blast you with some affection.

I wanna hold your hand with you.
I wanna put my mouth on you.
I wanna be with you with you.
I wanna do romance you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, baby,
Do romance with you!

You'll come play D and D with me.
Come to the DMV with me.
Come rub a fish all over me.
I'll take a picture while you pee.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, baby,
Picture while you pee.
Whoah, woah, woah, honey,
Picture while you poo.

Making love in a car,
Making love behind the bar,
Making love at the mall,
Making love in a bathroom stall.

I wanna take a walk with you.
I wanna play X-Box with you.
I wanna get on you with you.
I wanna make some stew with you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, baby,
Make some stew with you.
Whoah, woah, woah, honey,
Come make some stew with me!

Making love in a tree,
Making love on a boat,
Making love at the park,
Making love in a parking lot.

I wanna wrap you up like a bean burrito,
I wanna get you naked and watch...Speed...Two...(Cruise Control!)
You make me feel like a million waffles. (Waffles!)
You make me feel...really...good...

You know there ain't nothing like your muffins.
Yeah, I wanna take you on a beer run.
I wanna be like b-b-b-b-b-b on your boobies.
I wanna do you in the cornhole.

Oh, baby, I'd give anything
Just to kiss your-

You made a casserole for me.
I wanna watch TV with you.
You go to check the mail with me.
I'm stuck with you with me, with you

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