Paroles And The Devil Cried de Psychotic Waltz

Psychotic Waltz
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  • Artiste: Psychotic Waltz7841
  • Chanson: And The Devil Cried
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Textes et Paroles de And The Devil Cried

be seated now, lay your small ante down
as the dark dealer smiles to the play
dear player of my little game
I don't believe I caught your name
that's alright now lay your hand down

queens slay your nines
the fortune you've lost now is mine
quick to the deal, let us step to the wheel
take a spin and lay down your claim
your number loses, not to blame
you see my friend,they're all the same
you can not win now, play again now

taste of earthly pleasures
see the harlots smiling
feel the evil passion
clawing, crying, crying on

...and the devil cried

well could you pay the price
if we rolled of the dice
just a piece of your soul down again
the rules are simple as they seem
just roll a one or roll thirteen
and all is back now, free and clear now

your soul and your mind
the fortune you've lost now is mine

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