Paroles Haze One de Psychotic Waltz

Psychotic Waltz
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  • Artiste: Psychotic Waltz7841
  • Chanson: Haze One
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Textes et Paroles de Haze One

now we're on the road
the freeze is coming on
everone is sleeping now
the first one to bed, but the last to leave my head
so i burn another number down

and as i'm laying down i'm wondering
where are all the people now
where is all the screaming crowd
and as i bring on what's inside of me
i know it's quite a dream

burn the candle down
as we're pulling out of town
pass the haze around
talk about the show
got another less to go
hey, what did you think about the sound ?
cold november's got me burning down
cold november's got the amber burning down

now me ears are ringing
i don't mind the sound
concerned about my singing
cause the cold can bring it down
east berlin to austria
how much further now ?
i hope it is a long way
i have to sleep before the day

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