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Psychotic Waltz
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  • Chanson: Nothing
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Textes et Paroles de Nothing

not so long ago there was a time
the naive animal was a wiser thing
and these devils that we accept as reality
did not exist here before
nor do I think they were meant to be

they have enshrouded themselves
with the comforts of wealth
inside this temple of material things
which they cling to
all because the hand
was much easier to see than the spirit
and upon the educated discovery of this
they have made their decision
not only for themselves
but for everyone else as well

everything you've ever come to experience
to anyone else here has never been
and will never be

life does not exist
memory is nothing more than photographs
a looking glass to see just where you've been
not what you've been there for
realize your insignificance to the universe
and to infinity

you will have then cast away
the pride of all these things you held so dear
agony and pleasure are a suffering to one another here
the wisest is the fool who realizes he knows
nothing, nothing

turn your back on this misconception
that the body is the temple
it's just the tool of the soul
the brain is only the house of the mind
and soon you'll have to give back
everything you've borrowed for this lifetime
only then you'll find
you have spent all this time
struggling for the wrong things
and all of your works here have been nothing

everything is nothing

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