Paroles The Burning Halo de Psyopus

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  • Artiste: Psyopus31283
  • Chanson: The Burning Halo
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Textes et Paroles de The Burning Halo

Burning voices, black eyes
Mocking your Jesus Christ
Choke your scripture on heckled wings
I dare your crucifix burnt on this flesh
Angel screams sound like laughter
While church bells die
Backwards prayers and mocked heavens
That blister from my burning halo
Her eyes roll into the back of her head
I am the dark unholy
Broken halo of a bastard
Whose deep talons curse
Drag contort your pathetic god's marionette
Cursing blood soaked eyes
Spitting on your Jesus Christ
Tied down for the holy miracle
In the name of God. Demon. Who are you?

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