Paroles The Pig Keepers Daughter de Psyopus

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  • Artiste: Psyopus31283
  • Chanson: The Pig Keepers Daughter
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de The Pig Keepers Daughter

Keep the frothing pigs at bay

Like a cherub tramping through perverted lather
There walks the orphan sold as my alluring daughter
Suck the pig (suck)
Suck the pig (the)
Suck the pig (pig!)
She's refuged in these arms
Dangling these lusting

Puppet strings in a
puppet show for these
Swine foaming with appetite
Keep the frothing pigs at bay

Rapists blanket her sleep

Hollowed bedrooms bought and sold
Backhand my good girls
pig fucked by hundreds
Sounds of the squealing rabid swine
Round up my street light
Stable sisters as pig feed for alley troughs
Rolling in filth
No human involved
No human involved
No human involved


Lost in the backseat service blindly staring into headlights

Down her eyes bruise lower
Colours than hell could
Next, next,
Next please
Next please
Next please

Stand before this drive by auction
A stiletto cankers and bones
Swallow the gutters

Like an angel trampled as the perverts gather
Here lies the rag doll whore unstitched by loving father

Gazing into heartless
Eyes as to love swine
Next, next,
Next please,
Next please,
Come and take me next

While this grunting animal face
Sweats and drool drips down!
Like angel tears raining on to daddy's little girl
Suck the pig
Suck the pig
Suck the pig

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