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  • Chanson: It's About Time
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Textes et Paroles de It's About Time

You know damn well where he was last night
it makes no sense everyday you fight
makes me so mad what he puts you through
when im the only man that's made for you

why must i sit back and dry your tears (your tears)
just get with me and ill erase your fears

girl its about time to let him know
you have a real man so he's got to go
dont just have me in the background
stop keepin him around
its about time for him to leave
with open arms you i will receive
its about time to let him know
that its about time to let him go

girl im not scared of what he'll say to me
he's not a man dont give in so easy
girl understand just for you ill be
ill work to jobs to supply your needs

so must i sit back and dry your tears? (Dry your tears)
come n' get with me and ill erase your fears


im not like him girl ill never lie
or make you cry
i'll ease the pain and feelings down inside


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