Paroles Long Long Summer (We Can) de Public Announcement

Public Announcement
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  • Chanson: Long Long Summer (We Can)
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Textes et Paroles de Long Long Summer (We Can)

Yeah come on playas
Get on the floor for this one
All my mamis come on let's bounce to this
Say what, let's bounce, bounce to this
Say what don't forget the group P.A.
Once again it's on

I'm tellin everybody this one's the lick
So all you pimps and playas come on and take your pick
You know that there's a party goin on up in here
Dimes and all the cuties hanging out everywhere

It's gonna be a long, long summer
(This is going out to my people's in the hood)
It's gonna be a lotta, lotta drama
(Whatever you do, you know it be alright)
With all the fellas hanging out
(Ooh come on)
And the girls blazing hot
It's gonna be a long, long summer
(Whatever you do you know we can)

Wanna party we can
Wanna drink we can
Wanna smoke we can
Wanna wild out we can
Wanna dance we can
Wanna holla we can
Wanna stay we can
Wanna creep off we can

This action here is tight, hold up I'll get back to you
Now I got my drink, who was talking, me or you
Look the party's on ten, shortey's rollin in three by three
Gotta bounce with one, if not, damn - shame on me

It's gonna be a long, long summer
(And this is going out to my people in the hood)
It's gonna be a lotta, lotta drama
(Whatever you do, it's gonna be okay)
With all the fellas hanging out
And the girls blazing hot
It's gonna be a long, long summer
(Whatever you wanna do baby, we can)


Boy I wanna party with you
All my girls wanna get with your crew
Pop Cristal all night long
If you're tight take me home
Oh baby, we can, we can oh yeah

[1: till end]

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