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  • Chanson: Man Ain't Supposed To Cry
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Textes et Paroles de Man Ain't Supposed To Cry

They say that a man aint supposed to cry
but baby your tears I'll cry
PA let's sing

They say a man aint supposed 2 cry right (baby umm hmm)
They say a man aint supposed 2 cry right (thats what they told me)
They say a man aint supposed 2 cry right (do you believe that baby)
They say a man aint supposed 2 cry right (umm Listen)

[Verse 1]

Reaching out with all my might
cause I feel all the pain that you're going through baby
you need a man with sympathy
one like me
don't mind crying when you're feelin blue lady
I've got your front
when times are good
and your back when they're bad
girl you dont have to worry
Let me work with you
dont have to boo hoo
cause i'm the type of man that will cry you for
yes I will

They say a man aint supposed to cry
But through my eys I'll cry your tears
Cause I feel the pain that you're going through
And Im not afraid to say can I help you baby
They say a man aint supposed to cry
But through my eyes i'll cry your tears
Cause i feel what youre going through
And I'm not afraid to say how can i can help you baby

[Verse 2]
Precious love one of a kind
You're the secret to my heart
It needs for you
It feels for you
What's kind of different is that it bleeds for you
I've gotta let you know I'm being real to you baby
You see you didnt know I cry for you
I dont worry bout what no man is made
You got a strong one that will cry for you


PA help me sing
When a man can reach down inside and put his emotions out with no lies (ummm hmm)
How many women out ther understand just what goes on inside a real man (real man)
staying true to all his values (values)
and principles (principles)
he learned long ago (do you know what I'm talkin about)
respecting that of a woman (respecting all women)
and let a know you cry a tear too
(let them know there aint a damn thing you wont do no)

I'll cry your tears baby
I feel all of your pain
I feel all of your pain baby ooh
They say we aint supposed to cry
But I'll cry at the drop of a hat for you
Boo hoo baby Boo hoo boo hoo hoo hoo baby
Do you hear me crying
My heart belongs to you
My soul belongs to you

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