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Public Image Ltd
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  • Chanson: Don't Ask Me
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Don't Ask Me de Public Image Limited

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Textes et Paroles de Don't Ask Me

What you gonna do-when the river runs dry
Put your drills in the mud-and death up in the sky
You should have saved those bottles-
You should have saved those cans
You shouldn't ought'a listen to the plastic man
And there's no more toilet paper-it's gone just like the trees
Do you like the taste of honey-isn't it best without the bees
Be careful what you're dong-you're messing up my life
And if all the world's a cake-then you cut too big a slice

What's it all about-they scream and then they shout
Don't ask me-cause I don't know
What's it all about-they scream and then they shout
Don't blame me-I told you so

You read it in the papers-you hear it on the news
Very few listen-a spew without a view
And is it really worth it-choking on remote
I can see the red tide coming-but I don't even vote
Infection in the greenhouse-dizzy in the clouds
Oily as an ocean-heaven disemboweled
Still planning on a future-well lucky for some
You can develop your body-but your mind is still a slum


The product in the packaging-of multi-layered glam
150 layers of materials-to cover up a sham
Protecting my planet-wrap it in plastic
The package is product-perfected eternal
A crap in a cling wrap
I never met yet a prime minister or president
Who told the truth yet

Swimming in the surry-burning in the heat
Wind blown is the weather-I eat what you secrete
Climb the highest derrick-the circus has no prayer
No UFO to save us-and do we really care


KIss goodbye to the earth, the sun, the moon
It's easy to deceive a child

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