Paroles It's All On Me de Pure Prairie League

Pure Prairie League
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  • Artiste: Pure Prairie League10366
  • Chanson: It's All On Me
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Textes et Paroles de It's All On Me

Babe's done got himself down again
Thinkin' rain an' wait a storm for washin' the land

Mercy worked lord and changed his name
Baptized for grain and religion didn't grow no seeds and it's all on me

Half the time I'm medlin' with a shotgun and a scarecrow
My friend the evenin' finds me alone

Half the time I'm medlin' with a shotgun and a scarecrow
My friend the evenin' finds me alone

Wake up take down all I have
For feedin' my calves and the hounds a bayin' at the back door
All day frettin' and stackin' hay
And keep a bed for our corn is dyin' in the fields
Change from scorchin' sun...
Switch the crops for the land to please and it's all o

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