Paroles Tornado Warning de Pure Prairie League

Pure Prairie League
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  • Artiste: Pure Prairie League10366
  • Chanson: Tornado Warning
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Textes et Paroles de Tornado Warning


I guess that you just have to know what it feels like
One of us keeps feeling so incomplete
Shiftin' directions like November blowing in the street
And turnin' and changin' and givin' up arrangin'
The woman is the one I always need

Tornado warning
Came in this morning
Tornado warning

Well all my life I've expected only the best of things
Now I see your clouds and they are appearing
And these strange sensations have such an oh so familiar ring
Rain on the window and tears on my pillow
The wind in my mind keeps a-blowin'

Tornado warning
Came in this morning
Tornado warning

The wind is blowing strong. we must hold on
To wait another day... we must go on

This girl, oh my gosh, looks like the one for me
I'm givin' up all my freedom, completely
This whirlwind that we've been livin' keeps us far apart
The changing, believing.. it's not hard to love you
If I haven't forgotten where to start

Tornado warning
Came in this morning
Tornado warning

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