Paroles Air Conditions de Q And Not U

Q And Not U
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  • Artiste: Q And Not U31327
  • Chanson: Air Conditions
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Textes et Paroles de Air Conditions

Come on, where are you?
Why do you tease me?
Comma where are you?
I'm pleased to meet you.
What can you teach me?
Black kites at night, they make me nervous.
So very nervous.
Comma where are you now?
It's just to tease you.
Black kites take flight at night, they aim to please you.
Take aim and please you.
Red kits pink on the surface.
Now comma where are you?
Carved in trees, written in leaves,
signed in piss, trust me, we've seen it.
We're searching the pockets out.
It's for recreation.
Just recreation.
It's under the parachutes.
It's new recreation.
Death in a pocket size tucked in a pocket
while they place flags out on every surface.
What's to touch?
What's to see?
What's to smell?
What's to feel?
What's to hear?
What's to taste?
What's to sense?
What's to make?
What's to leave?
What's to take?
What's to count if you don't learn our names?

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